The Diva Challenge # 3 | Movie Night

Day 3 of the Diva Challenge is Movie Night!! I went for a simple , comfortable yet elegant look lol… its just a movie so we don’t want to over do it now, do we? I think not!




Here are my outfit details on my polyvore account

Hope you love it



The Diva Challenge # 2 | Job Interview

So the day 2 of challenge by Natalia Pessoa of was to come up with an awesome outfit for a job interview. Job interviews are never really my thing but here goes


See more of my outfits on my polyvore account

Outfit Details:






Well I know these Polyvore prices are outrageous but you can always find similar clothes at a cheaper price locally 🙂

Hope you love the look.




Some months ago I took on a blogger challenge by Natalia Pessoa of .

Challenge # 1: FIRST DATE

I think the first date outfit should be simple and yet elegant. Well I havent been on a first date in the longest time, but here goes.



See more of my outfits on my polyvore account

Outfit Details:


purse : $1,620 SSENSE.COM



How does it look?



Minimalist wardrobe


I have been doing a bit of reading about minimalism, must say it’s quite an interesting way of life.

I  had the wrong perception of the whole thing but I got read more from The minimalist website .

What is minimalism? If we had to sum it up in a single sentence, we would say, Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom –

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

My main concentration is obviously minimalism as a fashionista. This would mean having a smaller closet size.. which is a little difficult I know!! But it’s pointless to have so many clothes in your closet but barely wear most of them .

So the idea here is to “buy less but choose well “. I think you really need to choose well depending on your everyday activity ,you could be a working girl,student etc. I will focus on the working girl and student must haves .

1. Working girl


2. Student


  These are some of the ideas for minimal outfits I could think of .. I want to try this minimal way of life and see how it goes lol .

*wardrobe images made from Polyvore.

My Top 5 OOTDs this year

I love simple but yet stylish clothes.. I try as much as possible not to splurge on clothes . Here are some of my favourite outfits so far this year 🙂

1. Little Black dress plus red coat


Dress : Mr Price
Coat : Thrifted  (K20 can you believe         that? :p )
Wedges : Legit
Clutch : Thrifted
Occasion : Friend’s wedding

2. Ankara/Chitenge pencil dress


Dress by my local tailor at K120
Heels from jayne of Lesizzle Cafe
Occasion : closet sale / Kitchen party

3. Ripped jeans plus Tee outfit


Coat : Thrifted
Tee : Mr Price
Jeans : Mr Price
Flats : Jet 

4. Color blocking Outfit


Vest : Mr Price
Culottes  :Thrifted
Heels : atmosphere
Hand bag : Thrifted

5. Simple office wear


Tee : Mr Price
Pants : Mr Price
Heels from a friends closet sale 🙂

that’s all folks 😉



Here is to New beginnings :)


My full names are Karen Kutemba Kakoma

Am a twenty something Accountancy student born and raised in the heart of Zambia’s city Lusaka.

Am an upcoming Personal fashion and DIY blogger. My blog is generally about My Personal fashion and DIY (Do it yourself) Projects. It’s because of this obsession with fashion that I decided I share tips on how to look the best you can be at the lowest you could spend.

I started my blog because of my love for fashion and also to equip myself and others with skills that do not require one to have a Degree or masters etc. As a youth I want to help empower other youths by helping them develop their talents and make a living through my DIY projects. My DIY projects are basically skills I learn from the internet, these are mainly from YOU Tube and

My goal for this year is to learn how to sew and design my own outfits. My inspiration comes from several African fashion bloggers as well as fashion designers.

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